Prakti offers eight stove technologies, accommodating charcoal, wood, and organic matter based fuels, in order to fully meet the needs of urban, semi-urban, rural and institutional cooking arrangements.

BROCHURE – All Stoves





Single Burner Charcoal Stove

Recognizing the high availability of charcoal in urban and semi-urban markets and also the potential for household economic savings by reducing fuel needs, Prakti offers a charcoal burning stove. Prakti Charcoal Stove reduces fuel needs by 50% and indoor air pollution by 80% and is recognized as the best stove worldwide in its category since 2010.






Single Burner Wood Stove
Prakti’s fully portable single burner wood  stove reduces fuel needs by up to 50% and indoor air pollution by 80%.





Prakti Twin Household 2Double Pot Wood Stove
Our fully portable double pot wood stove reduces fuel needs by up to 50% and indoor air pollution by 80%. Light a nice big fire in the combustion chamber, and the flames will litteraly be sucked up the second pot, enabling the use of both pots at the same time!

This unique stove is the result of Prakti best engineering and of a deep understanding of cooking habits and what truly matters to women.





Prakti Chimney HouseholdDouble Pot Wood Stove with Chimney Adapter
Our double burner wood stove with chimney adapter reduces fuel needs by up to 50% and removes indoor air pollution completely. The nice draft created by the chimney makes it even faster!

In addition to removing smoke, chimneys can be built to serve double functions as space heaters, water boilers, and meat smokers, making them ideal for cold climates.




Prakti Briquettes Institutional


Institutional Stove
Our institutional stoves run off both wood and recycled waste briquettes, reducing fuel consumption by 80% and indoor air pollution by 90%.

They are perfectly suited for professional cooks, humanitarian intervention, schools, hospitals, and other communal cooking arrangements. Available in three sizes (40L, 80L, 200L) with or without pot, to fit perfectly with your needs, food never tasted better!